On Friday The 13th, Here Are The Best Horror Movies To Stream


CheatsheetIf you love the paranormal or are superstitious, then Friday the 13th is a day that catches your eye. 13 is just known as an unlucky number and a lot of fear goes into the day, which dates back to the Middle Ages. While you’ll probably go on about your day as normal, the spooky vibes might warrant a desire to embrace the supernatural. If that’s on your mind and you want to stream some horror flicks, your favorite streaming platforms have your back. From Hulu to Netflix and even Disney+, here are some of the best horror to watch on Friday the 13th.

Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger cosplayers at the 2019 Los Angeles Comic Con.
Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger cosplayers at the 2019 Los Angeles Comic Con | Angela Papuga/Getty Images

1. ‘Friday the 13th’ (2009) — Netflix

You can’t get into the Friday the 13th atmosphere without thinking about Friday the 13th. Starting in 1980, the franchise followed Jason Voorhees and his murderous rampages at the camp he died at. The 2009 version is the one on Netflix now and focuses on Jason witnessing his mother’s murder, which turns him into a killer 30 years later.

2. ‘A Haunted House’ — Netflix

If you’re looking for something that’s more lighthearted, then A Haunted House is the one for you. In the vein of parodies like Scary Movie, this 2013 film pokes fun at horror while telling its own story. It takes on the “found footage” style, which was popular at the time thanks to Paranormal Activity (also on Netflix).

3. ‘A Quiet Place’ — Hulu

One of the most-talked-about movies in general in 2018, A Quiet Place follows a family living in a post-apocalyptic era where they have to stay quiet. Why? Because the blood-thirsty aliens attack anything that makes a sound. The sequel is coming out March 19, so this is a great refresher as well as a damn good movie.

4. ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ — Hulu

Starring Chris Hemsworth, this movie follows five friends on a weekend trip to a — you guessed it — cabin in the woods. But what they don’t know is they’re about to be a part of a haunting experiment.

5. ‘Don’t Look Under The Bed’ — Disney+

If you grew up in the early days of Disney Channel Original movies (aka the good ‘ole ‘90s), then Don’t Look Under The Bed is definitely a memorable experience for you. It’s one of the creepiest movies Disney Channel ever put out, and gave a lot of us nightmares. However, it actually has some great life lessons.

6. ‘Candyman’ (1992) — Netflix 

The trailer for Nia DaCosta’s newest film is already haunting audiences. But the Jordan Peele-produced horror film isn’t the first Candyman. Back in 1992, the Candyman — a murderous soul with a hook for a hand — would come and kill you if you summoned him. So if you want a heads up on the bloody fun coming in June, this one’s ready for you on Netflix now.

7. ‘Zombieland’ — Hulu

Okay, take a breather. Here’s another fun movie to add to your Friday the 13th horror marathon. While Zombieland is fun and alive, it’s still a thrilling film about dead zombies. This movie takes place in a world where the zombie apocalypse happened and the main characters are all trying to survive while traveling in it.

8. ‘The Haunted Mansion‘ — Disney+

A great, and underrated, adaption of the Disneyland ride Haunted Mansion, this film stars Eddie Murphy as a workaholic father taking his family on a much-needed vacation. However, things go awry when they accidentally end up at an old, creepy manor. Not all the ghosts inside are malicious, but as the ride says, they’re always looking for one more soul to add.

9. ‘Oculus’ — Hulu

If you’re more on the path to find a gory, creepy, ghost-flick, then Oculus is a good choice for you. It follows a woman trying to prove her brother didn’t commit murder, but instead a supernatural spirit inside a mirror did. It’s a tough job, but it’s also a horrifying one.

10. ‘Scary Movie’ — Netflix 

Another parody, Scary Movie is the horror satire to end all horror satires. While it’s probably not the first of its kind, it’s the one that went on to create a massive franchise out of exploiting horror tropes, making fun of outlandish storylines, and exaggerating hilarious overacting. This first movie includes satire about Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

11. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ — Disney+

A family-friendly hit, The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the iconic story of Jack Skellington and his desire to take over Christmas for a year. While he doesn’t do it in the best way, his heart (or lack of one) is in the right place. With music and a Halloween vibe, this is a feel-good movie to end a horror-induced night.

12. ‘The Witch’ — Netflix 

If you really want to make your skin crawl and experience pure horror, The Witch is it. It takes place in colonial New England and follows a family on their journey alone in the wilderness. While their life is already tough because of the nature of starting over in rural, colonial woods, it gets worse when ideas of Satan, witches, and the supernatural come into place. Add in infanticide, religion, and a big black goat and you have yourself a merry little scary movie.

13. ‘The Ring’ — Netflix 

Lastly, The Ring tells the story of an evil VHS tape that, if watched, numbers your days down to a week. Everyone who watches it dies and when you see how, you might not be able to sleep. While VHS tapes are harder to come by, anyone who’s ever been to the dark side of YouTube can attest to the unholy things you can watch. Maybe we’re all cursed somehow, you know?

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